Olive pit biomass Almpantakis

Olive pit biomass

 http://kerneloilcrete.blogspot.gr/2017/12/blog-post_54.htmlAfter drying the olive pulp and extracting the oil, what remains is only dried up olive kernel.
The kernel consists of:
a) the olive kernel which is woody and fragmented
b) the olive’s flesh – dried up, in powder
c) the fruit’s skin, also in powder.
Pomace wood is then used as biofuel for energy production. It is a 100% natural and economical fuel compared to petrol. In addition, it is ecological with high caloric value and considerably cheaper than other fuels since it is a local product produced by olives.
Only specially-designed biomass burners can be fueled with olive pit. Pomace wood can be used for central heating in households, steam or energy production (businesses such as bakeries, laundries, distilleries and more).
PYRINELAIOURGEIO ALMPANTAKIS  produces high quality pomace wood, with low humidity. It is available for wholesale or retail, in sacks or pallets.

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